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I & I production is launching "YEAH YO ! THE GAME""

Big event of the summer: our publishing house is launching a great summer game and the Grand Prize is a 1972 VW kombi van.


The 3 volumes of the comic book "Yeah yo! I’m living a kombi van life" are a hit in France. People keep asking us where to find them outside of our home country. Because we received so many encouraging messages from english speakers (from Canada, UK, USA, New Zealand…) we naturally decided to translate our work into English and distribute the comic books outside of Europe.

This is how the idea of the Summer Lottery occurred to us. It’s a win-win: people who participate in the Game will help finance the translation and export of the comic book (we plan on combining the 3 volumes into one). It is also a wonderful opportunity for I & I production to make the cartoonists and authors known worldwide and for the company to start thinking more on a global scale.


Taking part in the game is supporting the arts and is encouraging our company’s goals and ideas. And again, it’s getting a fair chance to win one of the 5 fantastic lots in play!



Thanks to the generosity of our partners, this is what you could win:

To participate, it’s very easy just click on this link :

On this website you’ll find all the different Lottery Packs available. When purchasing either the comic book or artwork packs you’ll accumulate a certain number of lottery e-tickets. These e-tickets will have your name on them and the draw will be supervised by an independent judicial officer who will ensure that the rules are respected and your chances to win are fair.

You can read the rules of the game online or download them. An English translation is available upon request.

The draw will take place September 26 and the results will be published on our Facebook page in real time.

If you happen to be the winner of the Grand Prize, we will deliver the VW bus ourselves to your front door!

Thank you all in advance for participating and spreading the word,

Good luck to you all!

I hope you’ll enjoy the game

Download • 11.56MB

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